Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I've been saying for months how ready I am for October to come. Now it's here and I'm not sure I'm ready at all. Most southern girls crave the pumpkin spice lattes and the warm apple ciders. Me, well I just want a crisp morning, cool air and a reason to wear my cowgirl boots. I love the leaves that fall then crunch underneath my feet. I live to breathe in the autumn air and bonfire smoke which is only complete with Reese cup s'mores. But this October means more than just the corn mazes, halloween costumes and piles of leaves. This autumn as the leaves change their color, our lives will most likely be changing too.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Life In The Ashes

Matthew enjoys taking several afternoon strolls, creating his own private path in and around the yard. Most days I'm slightly annoyed by the redundancy of it all. We walk the same path, every afternoon. He touches the bushes with his right hand, feeling the prickles as he walks past. He also moves a littler closer to the left so that his head barely clears the tree limbs, enjoying the way the tree branch sways his hair. Then it is straight to the fire logs. The ones already chopped and prepared for the next night of s'mores.  Back and forth he goes touching each and every log and peeping through every small crack. Next he finds his way to circle the fire pit. This is a typical routine on a very typical afternoon and on most typical days what I was about to discover I would have again, typically missed. But not today.  Oh how I'm thankful today wasn't typical.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Seasons of Grace

It is just shy of 8:00 am. My coffee has now been reheated 3 times this morning.  Although it is no longer a fresh cup of joe, the warmth it brings to my hands is comforting and I'm somehow suddenly okay with a reheated brew. It seems the days of motherhood are long and unworthy. A collection of small acts of service, some days daunting task, to keep the household running. A season of toddler tantrum parenting and hormonal tweens is not anything any one of us look forward to. Add in extra loads of dirty dishes, spaghetti sauce stains and stinky diapers, all without pay and zero days of vacation. The job description has a less than exciting feel but something between the morning spilled milk and the goodnight kisses I continue to seek the position.  Even with my luke warm cup of coffee, yoga pants that are not intended for exercise and dirty hair, there is so much life here. So much awakening.  A season not unworthy as my tired heart sometimes feels but a beautiful season worthy of irreplaceable joy.